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Title: The Covington Witches, Author: Roz Carter
Title: Blonde Up!, Author: Jamie Collins
Title: Profiles of Success In Dentistry: Secrets of Today's Street Smart Dentists, Author: Jerry Alan Jones
Title: A Kingdom Of Secrets, Author: Amoura Lyn
Title: London's Wicked Affair, Author: Anabelle Bryant
Title: Les secrets du prophete arabe, Author: Christian Prince
Title: Avant Que Tu Te Brises (Translation), Author: Parker Williams
Title: Mr and Mrs Gunplay, Author: Khalil Murray
Title: Hidden, Author: Kendra Elliot
Title: Ameerah, Author: Monique Alavi
Title: Taming the Prince, Author: Lindzee Armstrong
Title: Hexes & Exes: Sex, Secrets & Spells, Author: Myosotis
Title: Song of the Sea, Author: Jade Varden
Title: To Steal A Heart, Author: Kate Bateman
Title: Lost in the Jungle (Secrets of an Overworld Survivor Series #1), Author: Greyson Mann
Title: Secrets Unveil: The Secrets Series Book 1, Author: Pamela E Hester
Title: Fear of Falling, Author: Roz Marshall
#1 in Series
Title: Desperate Pastors' Wives, Author: Ginger Kolbaba
Title: Secrets of a Side Bitch, Author: Jessica N. Watkins
Title: No Prince Charming, Author: Angel Payne

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