Title: Blade Runner
Title: Baby... Secret of the Lost Legend
Title: Fire Birds
Title: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Title: Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader
Title: The Boost
Director: Harold Becker
Title: Young Doctors in Love
Title: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Title: A Kiss Before Dying
Director: James Dearden
Title: The Man Who Came Back
Director: Glen Pitre
Title: Darling
Director: Mickey Keating
Title: Above All Things
Director: Monica Brady
Title: The Garden
Director: Don Michael Paul
Title: The Isis Conspiracy, Author: Sean Young
Title: No Way Out
Director: Roger Donaldson
Title: Forged in Rage (Violent Sands, #1), Author: Sean Young
Title: Canice And The Book: Gripping Tale Of Sixth Century Ireland, Author: Sean Young
Title: Helping You Talk to the World, Author: Sean Young
Title: A Teacher's Guide to the Spanish Language, Author: Sean Young
Title: Barrabás, Author: Sean Young