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Title: The Bucket List
Title: Lazy Susan
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Title: How Murray Saved Christmas
Title: Low Light, Artist: Sean Hayes
Title: Before We Turn to Dust, Artist: Sean Hayes
Title: Big Black Hole and the Little Baby Star, Artist: Sean Hayes
Title: Flowering Spade, Artist: Sean Hayes
Title: Plum, Author: Sean Hayes
Title: The Evening Out, Author: Sean Hayes Stockard
Title: Pass the Bike Test (and Be a Great Rider Too!). Sean Hayes & Rupert Paul, Author: Sean Hayes
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Roberto The Insect Architect!
by Nina Laden
Narrated by  Sean Hayes
Audiobook (Unabridged)

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Title: An Act of God, Author: David Javerbaum
Title: The Three Stooges
Title: The Breagagh Saga, Author: Sean Hayes