Title: Aspects of Ageing: A suite of poems on the themes of Body, Mind and Spirit, in the context of Mortality, Author: Seán Gaffney
Title: Gestalt at Work: Integrating Life, Theory and Practice, Author: Sean Gaffney
Title: Four Suites: Poems on love, life and art, Author: Seán Gaffney
Title: Family Matters: Fragments and pieces of an emerging suite, Author: Seán Gaffney
Title: Irish Proverbs & Sayings, Author: Seamus Cashman
Title: LarryBoy and the Emperor of Envy, Author: Sean Gaffney
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Title: Groups, Teams and Groupwork Revisited: A Theory, Methodology and Practice for the 21st Century, Author: Sean Gaffney Ph.D.
Title: The Las Meninas Suite: Nine Reflections in Poetry on a Painting, Two Painters and a Dog, Author: Sean Gaffney
Title: The Gestalt Field Perspective: Methodology and Practice, Author: Brian O'Neill