Title: Der mittelalterliche Choral, Author: Ewald Jammers
Title: Andres Segovia - The Finest Pieces from His Repertoire, Author: Andres Segovia
Title: Blues Power Live! - Play with the Band: Clarinet, Author: Gernot Dechert
Title: Partita (II): for Harp, Author: Heinz Holliger
Title: Arias for Bass/Baritone and Piano, Author: Tobias Picker
Title: Harpsichord Method: for Harpsichord or Spinet, Author: Maria Boxall
Title: Opernführer für Einsteiger, Author: Jasmin Solfaghari
Title: Lieder 1933-1939: for High Voice and Piano, Author: Paul Hindemith
Title: Music for Children: Volume 3: Major - Dominant and Subdominant Triads, Author: Margaret Murray
Title: Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions - Violin Volume 1: Excerpts from the Operatic and Concert Repertoire, Author: Karin Boerries
Title: Wohin Musik?, Author: Harald Müller
Title: Concert Favorites: The Finest Concert and Encore Pieces for Horn and Piano, Author: Michael Hoeltzel
Title: Tanzende Faune, Op. 21: An Orchestral Play, Author: Carl Orff
Title: Check-up: 20 Basic Studies for Flautists, Author: Peter-Lukas Graf
Title: Classics Meet Jazz - Volume 2: 14 Famous Classical Pieces (Original Version + Jazzy Arrangement), Author: Uwe Korn
Title: Discovering Rock Piano: Develop Styles Solo Lines Creative Playing, Author: Jurgen Moser
Title: La Follia: The 25 Most Beautiful Classical Original Pieces for Violin and Piano, Author: Hal Leonard Corp.
Title: Yearbook 1999/28, Author: Paul Hindemith
Title: 6 Sonatas Op. 8, Nos. 1-6: Violin and Basso Continuo, Author: Pietro Locatelli
Title: Flamenco Gitarrenschule 2: Für Unterricht und Selbststudium. Noten und Tabulatur, Author: Gerhard Graf-Martinez

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