Title: 45 Years
Title: Love's Labour's Lost and Won
Title: An American Haunting
Title: Love's Labour's Lost (Royal Shakepeare Company)
Title: Love's Labour's Won (Royal Shakespeare Company)
Title: Fusion, Artist: Jeremy Steig
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Title: Love Ain't Nothin But a Business Goin' On, Artist: Junior Parker
Title: Inner Crisis, Artist: Larry Willis
Title: Black and Blues, Artist: Jimmy McGriff
Title: Simba, Artist: O'Donel Levy
Title: Good Things Don't Happen Every Day, Artist: Jimmy McGriff
Title: Dawn of a New Day, Artist: O'Donel Levy
Title: Breeding of Mind, Artist: O'Donel Levy
Title: Fly Dude, Artist: Jimmy McGriff
Title: New Groove, Artist: Richard
Title: Very Live at Buddy's Place, Artist: Buddy Rich
Title: American Pie, Artist: Richard
Title: Funkia, Artist: Mike Longo
Title: The Undead Love Toys, Toys, Toys!, Author: Sam Alexander
Title: Let's Go to Mrs. Papaya's House: Mrs. Papaya, Author: Sam Alexander