Title: Raw Recruits, Author: John Patrick
Title: Huge 3, Author: John Patrick
Title: Delicious Darkness, Author: David Holly
Title: Naughty by Nature, Author: John Patrick
Title: Taken by Force, Author: Christopher Pierce
Title: Kidnapped by a Sex Maniac, Author: Christopher Pierce
Title: Teammates, Author: Eric Summers
Title: Boys of Summer: Hot Times with Hot Boys in Hot Places, Author: Mickey Erlach
Title: Daddy's Boyz: Tales of Intergenerational Adult Gay Sex, Author: Bob Condron
Title: Medicine Hair, Author: Mark Wildyr
Title: Black Dungeon Masters, Author: Marcus Anthony
Title: Erotic Tales of the Knights Templar, Author: Jay Starre
Title: The Sweeter the Juice, Author: Marcus Anthony
Title: Virgins No More - Volume 1, Author: John Patrick
Title: Boys Caught in the ACT, Author: Mickey Erlach
Title: Service with a Smile, Author: Eric Summers
Title: Cut Hand, Author: Mark Wildyr
Title: The Victor and the Vanquished, Author: Mark Wildyr
Title: Charlie BlackBear, Author: Mark Wildyr
Title: Dreamboys: A New Collection of Erotic Tales, Author: John Patrick

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