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Title: Ignition!: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants, Author: John Drury Clark
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Title: The Hall-Mills Murder Case: The Minister and the Choir Singer, Author: William Kunstler
Title: A Short History of Film, Third Edition / Edition 3, Author: Wheeler Winston Dixon
Title: An Island Called Home: Returning to Jewish Cuba, Author: Ruth Behar
Title: New Jersey Fan Club: Artists and Writers Celebrate the Garden State, Author: Kerri Sullivan
Title: Cultivating Justice in the Garden State: My Life in the Colorful World of New Jersey Politics, Author: Raymond Lesniak
Title: Americans and the Holocaust: A Reader, Author: Daniel Greene
Title: Standing on Principle: Lessons Learned in Public Life, Author: James J. Florio
Title: The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi, Author: Michael R. Molnar
Title: Between Good and Ghetto: African American Girls and Inner-City Violence, Author: Nikki Jones
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Title: Reluctant Interveners: America's Failed Responses to Genocide from Bosnia to Darfur, Author: Eyal Mayroz
Title: 33 Simple Strategies for Faculty: A Week-by-Week Resource for Teaching First-Year and First-Generation Students, Author: Lisa M. Nunn
Title: 500 Years of Chicana Women's History / 500 Años de la Mujer Chicana / Edition 1, Author: Elizabeth
Title: Nothing Is Impossible: America's Reconciliation with Vietnam, Author: Ted Osius
Title: Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Social Equity, 4th edition, Author: Meredith Minkler
Title: Sparing Nature: The Conflict between Human Population Growth and Earth's Biodiversity / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey K. McKee
Title: The Child Savers: The Invention of Delinquency / Edition 40, Author: Anthony M. Platt
Title: Sacred Divorce: Religion, Therapeutic Culture, and Ending Life Partnerships, Author: Kathleen E. Jenkins
Title: Intersectionality and Higher Education: Identity and Inequality on College Campuses, Author: W. Carson Byrd
Title: The Femme Fatale, Author: Julie Grossman

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