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Title: Ignition!: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants, Author: John Drury Clark
Title: Historians on Hamilton: How a Blockbuster Musical Is Restaging America's Past, Author: Renee C. Romano
Title: Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free World, Author: Tad Daley
Title: New Jersey State of Mind, Author: Peter Genovese
Title: Becoming Philadelphia: How an Old American City Made Itself New Again, Author: Inga Saffron
Title: The Sovereignty of Quiet: Beyond Resistance in Black Culture, Author: Kevin Quashie
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Title: The Essential Margaret Fuller by Margaret Fuller / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey Steele
Title: Cinema '62: The Greatest Year at the Movies, Author: Stephen Farber
Title: East of East: The Making of Greater El Monte, Author: Romeo Guzman
Title: How Jews Became White Folks and What That Says About Race in America / Edition 1, Author: Karen Brodkin
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Title: Crisis Leadership in Higher Education: Theory and Practice, Author: Ralph A Gigliotti
Title: Learning from Bryant Park: Revitalizing Cities, Towns, and Public Spaces, Author: Andrew M. Manshel
Title: Violence against Queer People: Race, Class, Gender, and the Persistence of Anti-LGBT Discrimination, Author: Doug Meyer
Title: Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey, Author: Henry Beck
Title: More Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey, Author: Henry Beck
Title: The Hall-Mills Murder Case: The Minister and the Choir Singer, Author: William Kunstler
Title: Einstein on Race and Racism: Einstein on Race and Racism, Author: Fred Jerome
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Title: Going Viral: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World, Author: Dahlia Schweitzer
Title: 'Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?': Joyce Carol Oates / Edition 1, Author: Elaine Showalter
Title: Best Actress: The History of Oscar-Winning Women, Author: Stephen Tapert

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