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Title: Grunge Music, Author: Ken Forsse
Title: Day Teddy Met Grubby, Author: Ken Forsse
Title: Walt Disney's One Hundred One Dalmatians: A Counting Book, Author: Fran Manushkin
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Title: Story of Faded Fobs, Author: Ken Forsse
Title: Third Crystal, Author: Ken Forsse
Title: Grundo Beach Party, Author: Will Ryan
Title: A Christmas They'll Never Forget, Author: LaTarsha Russell-Hicks
Title: Jack and the Beanstalk, Author: Margaret A. Hughes
Title: Anything in the Soup, Author: Russell Hicks
Title: Double Grubby, Author: Will Ryan
Title: Airship, Author: Ken Forsse
Title: Disney's How-to-Draw: Aladdin, Author: Inc. Walter Foster Publishing
Title: Quiet Please, Author: Russell Hicks
Title: Rumpelstiltskin, Author: Margaret A. Hughes
Title: Lost in Boggley Woods, Author: Will Ryan
Title: Golden Touch: A Greek Myth (King Midas), Author: Michelle Baron
Title: Sleeping Beauty, Author: Margaret A. Hughes
Title: All about Bears, Author: Ken Forsse
Title: Frog Prince, Author: Margaret A. Hughes
Title: Teddy Ruxpin's Lullabies, Author: Ken Forsse

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