Title: Medical Charities, Medical Politics: The Irish Dispensary System and the Poor Law, 1836-1872, Author: Ronald D. Cassell
Title: George Chastelain and the Shaping of Valois Burgundy: Political and Historical Culture at Court in the Fifteenth Century, Author: Graeme Small
Title: The Birth of Military Aviation: Britain, 1903-1914, Author: Hugh Driver
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Title: Britannia's Glories: The Walpole Ministry and the 1739 War with Spain, Author: Philip Woodfine
Title: Religious Patronage in Anglo-Norman England, 1066-1135, Author: Emma Cownie
Title: Managing the South African War, 1899-1902: Politicians v Generals, Author: Keith Terrance Surridge
Title: Red Flag and Union Jack: Englishness, Patriotism and the British Left, 1881-1924, Author: Paul Ward
Title: Conversations in Cold Rooms: Women, Work and Poverty in Nineteenth-Century Northumberland, Author: Jane Long
Title: Science, Religion and Politics in Restoration England: Richard Cumberland's De Legibus Naturae, Author: Jon  Parkin
Title: Cornwall Politics in the Age of Reform, 1790-1885, Author: Edwin Jaggard
Title: Protection and Politics: Conservative Economic Discourse, 1815-1852, Author: Anna Gambles
Title: The Practice of Penance, 900-1050, Author: Sarah Hamilton
Title: Lloyd George, Liberalism and the Land: The Land Issue and Party Politics in England, 1906-1914, Author: Ian Packer
Title: The Great War, Memory and Ritual: Commemoration in the City and East London, 1916-1939, Author: Mark Connelly
Title: Power and Border Lordship in Medieval France: The County of the Perche, 1000-1226, Author: Kathleen Thompson
Title: Henry VIII, the League of Schmalkalden, and the English Reformation, Author: Rory McEntegart
Title: Soldier and Peasant in French Popular Culture, 1766-1870, Author: David M. Hopkin
Title: Great Britain, Germany and the Soviet Union: Rapallo and After, 1922-1934, Author: Stephanie C. Salzmann
Title: Social Investigation and Rural England, 1870-1914, Author: Mark Freeman
Title: The Labour Party and the Planned Economy, 1931-1951, Author: Richard Toye

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