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Title: George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior, Author: George Washington
Title: Native Americans in Florida, Author: Kevin M McCarthy
Title: The Way to Wealth: Advice, Hints, and Tips on Business, Money, and Finance, Author: Benjamin Franklin
Title: Total Self-Knowledge, Author: Ernest Dichter
Title: This Is Your Capt Speaking, Author: Thomas Ashwood
Title: Extra Dollars: Easy Money-Making for Retired People, Author: Ray Hoffman
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Title: The Social Sciences Today, Author: Paul Barker
Title: Dossier: The Secret Files They Keep on You, Author: Aryeh Neier
Title: 12 Short Hikes: San Diego, Author: Sean O'Brien
Title: American Verse of the Nineteenth Century, Author: Richard Gray
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Title: Intimate Questions Women Ask, Author: Sherwin A. Kaufman
Title: The Maple Harvest Cookbook, Author: Diane Lewis
Title: Petrovka Thirty-Eight, Author: Julian Semyonov
Title: Savannah Syncopators, Author: Paul Oliver
Title: Spanish Literature: A Brief Survey, Author: Nicholson B. Adams
Title: Good Memory-Successful Student, Author: Harry Lorayne
Title: This Man Did I Kill?, Author: Kyle Hunt
Title: Making Sense of Testing and Assessment, Author: Donald L. Hymes
Title: Bobby Fischer VS. the Rest of the World, Author: Brad Darrach
Title: How Adults Can Listen to Children in a Focusing Way, Author: Edwin M. McMahon

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