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Title: Globalization and Urbanization: The Global Urban Ecosystem, Author: James H. Spencer
Title: Understanding Islam and the West: Critical Skills for Students, Author: Nathan Lean
Title: Globalization and Culture: Global Melange, Author: Jan Nederveen Pieterse Mellichamp Professor of Global Studies and Sociology
Title: Globalization and Migration: A World in Motion, Author: Eliot Dickinson
Title: Globalization and Militarism: Feminists Make the Link, Author: Cynthia Enloe Clark University; author of The Big Push: Exposing and Challenging Persistent Patriarchy
Title: Globalization and Media: Global Village of Babel, Author: Jack Lule
Title: Globalization: Debunking the Myths, Author: Lui Hebron
Title: Ambassadors in Pinstripes: The Spalding World Baseball Tour and the Birth of the American Empire / Edition 1, Author: Thomas W. Zeiler
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Title: Gender and the Politics of Possibilities: Rethinking Globablization, Author: Manisha Desai
Title: Globalization and Feminist Activism, Author: Mary E. Hawkesworth
Title: Camps Revisited: Multifaceted Spatialities of a Modern Political Technology, Author: Irit Katz
Title: Globalism / Edition 2, Author: Manfred B. Steger
Paperback $26.36 $32.95 Current price is $26.36, Original price is $32.95.
Title: Ecofeminism and Globalization: Exploring Culture, Context, and Religion / Edition 1, Author: Heather Eaton
Title: Latin America: Bankers, Generals and the Struggle for Social Justice, Author: James F. Petras
Hardcover $37.76 $55.00 Current price is $37.76, Original price is $55.00.
Title: Global Community?: Transnational and Transdisciplinary Exchanges, Author: Henrik Enroth
Title: Global Awareness: Thinking Systematically about the World / Edition 1, Author: Robert P. Clark
Paperback $23.96 $29.95 Current price is $23.96, Original price is $29.95.
Title: Spirituality for Our Global Community: Beyond Traditional Religion to a World at Peace, Author: Daniel A. Helminiak
Title: Remaking Europe / Edition 1, Author: Jozef M. Van Brabant
Paperback $40.45 $44.95 Current price is $40.45, Original price is $44.95.
Title: Carl Schmitt and the Intensification of Politics, Author: Kam Shapiro
Title: Globalization and American Popular Culture / Edition 1, Author: Lane Crothers
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