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Title: Keeping Democracy at Bay: Hong Kong and the Challenge of Chinese Political Reform, Author: Suzanne Pepper
Paperback $55.27 $60.00 Current price is $55.27, Original price is $60.00.
Title: Can Labour Win?: The Hard Road to Power, Author: Patrick Diamond
NOOK Book $10.49 $17.00 Current price is $10.49, Original price is $17.00.
Title: The African Union: The First Ten Years, Author: Ambassador Omar Alieu Touray
Title: The Italian Guillotine: Operation Clean Hands and the Overthrow of Italy's First Republic / Edition 352, Author: Stanton H. Burnett
Hardcover $134.50 $146.00 Current price is $134.50, Original price is $146.00.
Title: Tigers without Teeth: The Pursuit of Justice in Contemporary China, Author: Scott Wilson
Title: NATO, the European Union, and the Atlantic Community: The Transatlantic Bargain Challenged / Edition 2, Author: Stanley R. Sloan
Title: International Relations of Asia, Author: David Shambaugh
Title: Journal 1935-1944: The Fascist Years, Author: Mihail Sebastian
Title: Expanding Realism: The Historical Dimension of World Politics, Author: George Liska
Title: Values in Foreign Policy: Investigating Ideals and Interests, Author: Krishnan Srinivasan
Title: Global Security in the Twenty-First Century: The Quest for Power and the Search for Peace, Third Edition, Author: Sean Kay
Title: Marketing Dictatorship: Propaganda and Thought Work in Contemporary China, Author: Anne-Marie Brady
Title: A Fatal Attraction: Public Television and Politics in Italy, Author: Cinzia Padovani
Title: Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Vietnam War Anthology, Author: Andrew J. Rotter
Title: Charting China's Future: Political, Social, and International Dimensions, Author: Jae Ho Chung
Title: Globalization and Human Security, Author: Paul Battersby
Paperback $32.24 $35.00 Current price is $32.24, Original price is $35.00.
Title: Uniting Europe: An Introduction to the European Union / Edition 2, Author: John Van Oudenaren
Paperback $52.00 $54.00 Current price is $52.00, Original price is $54.00.
Title: Nuclear Debates in Asia: The Role of Geopolitics and Domestic Processes, Author: Mike Mochizuki
Title: The State after Communism: Governance in the New Russia, Author: Timothy J. Colton
Title: The Indonesian Presidency: The Shift from Personal toward Constitutional Rule, Author: Angus McIntyre

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