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Title: Remembering the Darkness: Women in Soviet Prisons / Edition 1, Author: Veronica Shapovalov
Paperback $54.29 $58.00 Current price is $54.29, Original price is $58.00.
Title: Ho, Author: David Halberstam
Title: The Political Thought of Justice Antonin Scalia: A Hamiltonian on the Supreme Court, Author: James B. Staab
Title: Shifu, Soul of Chinese Anarchism, Author: Edward S. Krebs
Title: John Foster Dulles: Piety, Pragmatism, and Power in U.S. Foreign Policy, Author: Richard H. Immerman
Title: Two Strategies for Europe: De Gaulle, the United States, and the Atlantic Alliance / Edition 352, Author: Frederic Bozo
Paperback $53.47 $58.00 Current price is $53.47, Original price is $58.00.
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Title: Profiles in Humanity: The Battle for Peace, Freedom, Equality, and Human Rights, Author: Warren I. Cohen
Title: At Reagan's Side: Insiders' Recollections from Sacramento to the White House, Author: Stephen F. Knott
Title: George Clinton: Yeoman Politician of the New Republic, Author: John P Kaminski
Title: American Reformers, 1870-1920: Progressives in Word and Deed, Author: Steven L. Piott
Title: Citizen Hoover: A Critical Study of the Life and Times of J. Edgar Hoover and His FBI, Author: Jay Rober Nash
Title: Gramsci and Education, Author: Carmel Borg
Title: My Life in Prison: Memoirs of a Chinese Political Dissident, Author: Jiang Qisheng
Title: Merchant Adventurer: The Story of W. R. Grace, Author: Marquis James
Title: Talking with Harry: Candid Conversations with President Harry S. Truman, Author: Ralph Weber
Title: Mao and the Economic Stalinization of China, 1948-1953, Author: Hua-Yu Li
Hardcover $113.44 $123.00 Current price is $113.44, Original price is $123.00.
Title: Entangled in Terror: The Azef Affair and the Russian Revolution, Author: Anna Geifman
Title: Richard Henry Lee of Virginia: A Portrait of an American Revolutionary, Author: Kent J. McGaughy
Title: Daniel Webster: Defender of Peace, Author: Donald A. Rakestraw
Title: Richard Nixon and the Rise of Affirmative Action: The Pursuit of Racial Equality in an Era of Limits, Author: Kevin Yuill
Paperback $34.38 $51.00 Current price is $34.38, Original price is $51.00.

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