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Title: American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, and Future / Edition 11, Author: Glenn P. Hastedt Professor
Title: Women and Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence, Author: Julie Dolan Professor
Title: Challenges of the Developing World, Author: Howard Handelman
Title: Historical Dictionary of United States Intelligence, Author: Michael A Turner
Title: Globalization and Regime Change: Lessons from the New Russia and the New Europe, Author: Robin Alison Remington
Title: Introduction to International Relations: Theory and Practice, Author: Joyce P. Kaufman
Title: Slavery, Secession, and Civil War: Views from the UK and Europe, 1856-1865, Author: Charles Adams
Title: Crisis of the Strauss Divided: Essays on Leo Strauss and Straussianism, East and West, Author: Harry V. Jaffa
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Title: Animal Rights/Human Rights: Entaglements of Oppression and Liberation / Edition 1, Author: David Nibert
Title: Post Putin: Succession, Stability, and Russia's Future, Author: Herman Pirchner Jr.
Title: Historical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Intelligence, Author: Robert W. Pringle
Hardcover $124.22 $134.00 Current price is $124.22, Original price is $134.00.
Title: Religious Liberty and the American Supreme Court: The Essential Cases and Documents, Author: Vincent Phillip Munoz
Title: Presidential Elections: Strategies and Structures of American Politics, Author: Nelson W. Polsby
Title: Understanding Dark Networks: A Strategic Framework for the Use of Social Network Analysis, Author: Daniel Cunningham
Title: Truth and Reconciliation Commission Processes: Learning from the Solomon Islands, Author: Karen Brouneus
Title: Communicating with Intelligence: Writing and Briefing for National Security, Author: James S. Major
Title: The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development, Author: Patrice Franko
Title: Active Duty: Public Administration as Democratic Statesmanship / Edition 1, Author: Robert Martin Schaefer
Title: The Tenth Amendment and State Sovereignty: Constitutional History and Contemporary Issues, Author: Mark R. Killenbeck
Title: The Odyssey of Political Theory: The Politics of Departure and Return, Author: Patrick J. Deneen

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