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Title: Collaboration: Using Networks and Partnerships, Author: John M. Kamensky
Hardcover $125.43 $136.00 Current price is $125.43, Original price is $136.00.
Title: A Chinese Economic Revolution: Rural Entrepreneurship in the Twentieth Century, Author: Linda Grove
Hardcover $94.07 $102.00 Current price is $94.07, Original price is $102.00.
Title: Water Resources Planning / Edition 3, Author: Andrew A. Dzurik
Hardcover $79.20 $99.00 Current price is $79.20, Original price is $99.00.
Title: Collaborative Land Use Management: The Quieter Revolution in Place-Based Planning, Author: Robert J. Mason
Title: The Urban Challenge in Education: The Story of Charter School Successes in Los Angeles, Author: Joseph Scollo
Title: Paths to Making a Difference: Leading in Government, Author: Paul R. Lawrence
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Title: Red Pedagogy: Native American Social and Political Thought, Author: Sandy Grande
Title: Student Dress Codes and the First Amendment: Legal Challenges and Policy Issues, Author: Richard Fossey
Title: The Misdirection of Education Policy: Raising Questions about School Reform, Author: Nancy DaFoe
Title: Historical Dictionary of Refugee and Disaster Relief Organizations, Author: Robert F. Gorman
Title: Getting It Right: Dynamic School Renewal, Fixing What's Broken, Author: Patricia Anne Duncan Parrish
Title: Philosophy and Geography III: Philosophies of Place, Author: Andrew Light
Hardcover $143.17 $146.00 Current price is $143.17, Original price is $146.00.
Title: The Family, Civil Society, and the State, Author: Christopher Wolfe
Hardcover $130.81 $134.00 Current price is $130.81, Original price is $134.00.
Title: Creating Art for All Ages: Innovation and Influence in Ancient and Modern Civilizations, Author: Frances Flicker
Title: Regulating Women: Policymaking and Practice in the UK, Author: Sarah Cooper
Title: Reforming Federal Land Management: Cutting the Gordian Knot, Author: Allan K. Fitzsimmons
Title: Losing America's Schools: The Fight to Reclaim Public Education, Author: Nancy E. Bailey
Title: Ricoeur, Identity and Early Childhood, Author: Sandy Farquhar
Title: It's Time for High-Performance Government: Winning Strategies to Engage and Energize the Public Sector Workforce, Author: Howard Risher
Title: How Political Correctness Weakens Schools: Stop Losing and Start Winning Educational Excellence, Author: Jim Dueck

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