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Title: American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, and Future, Author: Glenn P. Hastedt Professor
Title: Challenges of the Developing World, Author: Howard Handelman
Title: Presidential Elections: Strategies and Structures of American Politics, Author: Nelson W. Polsby
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Title: Communicating with Intelligence: Writing and Briefing for National Security, Author: James S. Major
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Title: The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development, Author: Patrice Franko
Title: Nations in Transit 2014: Democratization from Central Europe to Eurasia, Author: Freedom House
Title: Historical Dictionary of the Welfare State, Author: Bent Greve
Title: Teaching about Asian Pacific Americans: Effective Activities, Strategies, and Assignments for Classrooms and Communities, Author: Edith Wen-Chu Chen
Title: Security at a Price: The International Politics of U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense, Author: Nicholas Khoo
Title: Public Sociologies Reader, Author: Judith Blau
Title: Criminal Procedure and the Supreme Court: A Guide to the Major Decisions on Search and Seizure, Privacy, and Individual Rights, Author: Rolando V. del Carmen
Title: The Death Penalty and U.S. Diplomacy: How Foreign Nations and International Organizations Influence U.S. Policy, Author: Wesley Kendall
Title: The Tie Goes to Freedom: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on Liberty, Author: Helen J. Knowles
Title: Vladimir Putin and the New World Order: Looking East, Looking West?, Author: J. L. Black
Title: Fascism, Anti-Fascism, and the Resistance in Italy: 1919 to the Present, Author: Stanislao G. Pugliese
Title: Historical Dictionary of the Green Movement, Author: Miranda Schreurs
Title: Reconstruction and Peace Building in the Balkans: The Brcko Experience, Author: Robert William Farrand
Title: Trade and Globalization: An Introduction to Regional Trade Agreements, Author: David A. Lynch
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Title: Nominating the President: Evolution and Revolution in 2008 and Beyond, Author: Jack Citrin
Title: Global Backlash: Citizen Initiatives for a Just World Economy, Author: Robin Broad

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