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Title: After Capitalism, Author: David Schweickart
Title: Practical Evaluation Guide: Tools for Museums and Other Informal Educational Settings / Edition 3, Author: Judy Diamond
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Title: Libraries, Archives, and Museums Today: Insights from the Field, Author: Peter Botticelli
Title: Understanding Globalization: The Social Consequences of Political, Economic, and Environmental Change, Fifth Edition / Edition 5, Author: Robert K. Schaeffer
Paperback $42.78 $47.00 Current price is $42.78, Original price is $47.00.
Title: Understanding Islam and the West: Critical Skills for Students, Author: Nathan Lean
Title: Museum Administration 2.0, Author: Hugh H. Genoways
Paperback $40.95 $45.00 Current price is $40.95, Original price is $45.00.
Title: Landing a Library Job, Author: Deloris Jackson Foxworth
Title: Monument Culture: International Perspectives on the Future of Monuments in a Changing World, Author: Laura A. Macaluso
Title: Fostering Empathy Through Museums, Author: Elif M. Gokcigdem
Title: Discerning Your Congregation's Future: A Strategic and Spiritual Approach, Author: Roy M. Oswald
Title: The Arrogance of American Power: What U.S. Leaders Are Doing Wrong and Why It's Our Duty to Dissent, Author: Nancy Snow Pax Mundi (
Title: The Museum Educator's Manual: Educators Share Successful Techniques, Author: Anna Johnson
Title: Archives for the Lay Person: A Guide to Managing Cultural Collections, Author: Lois Hamill
Title: Eleven Steps to Getting What You Want: Persuasion and Influence in the 21st Century, Author: Charles U. Larson
Title: Understanding Nonprofit Law and Finance: Forty-Eight Key Principles for Philanthropic Leaders, Author: Erik Estrada
Title: Globalization and Media: Global Village of Babel, Author: Jack Lule
Title: Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections: A Practical Guide for Museums, Author: Angela Kipp
Title: Living History: Effective Costumed Interpretation and Enactment at Museums and Historic Sites, Author: David B. Allison
Title: Drugs, Oil, and War (War and Peace Library Series): The United States in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Indochina / Edition 1, Author: Peter Dale Scott
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Title: Global Communication: A Multicultural Perspective, Author: Yahya R. Kamalipour

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