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Title: Globalization and Urbanization: The Global Urban Ecosystem, Author: James H. Spencer
Title: Charles Taylor: Thinking and Living Deep Diversity, Author: Mark Redhead
Title: The Social Scientist as Public Intellectual: Critical Reflections in a Changing World, Author: Charles F. Gattone
Title: Improving Education in a World of Politics: Recommendations and Strategies for Effective Political Participation, Author: M. Scott Norton
Title: Brainless Sameness: The Demise of One-Size-Fits-All Instruction and the Rise of Competency Based Learning, Author: Bob Sornson
Title: Immigration and Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century, Author: Noah M. J. Pickus
Title: The Graveyard of School Reform: Why the Resistance to Change and New Ideas, Author: William L. Fibkins
Title: Tragedy in Aurora: The Culture of Mass Shootings in America, Author: Tom Diaz
Title: Science Under Siege?: Interest Groups and the Science Wars, Author: Leon E. Trachtman
Title: Becoming American: Why Immigration Is Good for Our Nation's Future, Author: Fariborz Ghadar
Title: Latino Politics in America: Community, Culture, and Interests, Author: John A. Garcia
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Title: Beautiful Risks: Having the Courage to Teach and Learn Creatively, Author: Ronald A. Beghetto
Title: It's Time for High-Performance Government: Winning Strategies to Engage and Energize the Public Sector Workforce, Author: Howard Risher
Title: Dust: The Inside Story of its Role in the September 11th Aftermath, Author: Paul J. Lioy
Title: Opportunity and Hope: Transforming Children's Lives through Scholarships, Author: Naomi Schaefer Riley
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Title: Community, Democracy, and the Environment: Learning to Share the Future, Author: Jane A. Grant
Title: Europeanization and Multilevel Governance: Cohesion Policy in the European Union and Britain, Author: Ian Bache
Title: Government for the Future: Reflection and Vision for Tomorrow's Leaders, Author: Mark A. Abramson
Title: Common Sense Questions about Tests: The Answers Can Reveal Essential Steps for Improvement, Author: Gerard Giordano PhD
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Title: Governance in China, Author: Jude Howell

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