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Title: The Changing Capital Markets of East Asia / Edition 1, Author: Ky Cao
Title: Financial Reform in China / Edition 1, Author: On Kit Tam
Title: Women and Industrialization in Asia / Edition 1, Author: Susan Horton
Title: Japan's Trade Policy: Action or Reaction? / Edition 1, Author: Yumiko Mikanagi
Title: The Economics of the Latecomers: Catching-up, technology transfer and institutions in Germany, Japan and South Korea / Edition 1, Author: Jang-Sup Shin
Title: Industrialisation in Malaysia: Import substitution and infant industry performance / Edition 1, Author: Rokiah Alavi
Title: Japanese Views on Economic Development: Diverse Paths to the Market / Edition 1, Author: Kenichi Ohno
Title: Japan's War Economy / Edition 1, Author: Erich Pauer
Title: Technology, Competitiveness and the State: Malaysia's Industrial Technology Policies / Edition 1, Author: Greg Felker
Title: Corporatism and Korean Capitalism / Edition 1, Author: Dennis L. McNamara
Title: Japanese Economics and Economists since 1945, Author: Aiko Ikeo
Title: Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre: Emergence and Development, 1945-1965 / Edition 1, Author: Dr Catherine Schenk
Title: The Japanese Industrial Economy: Late Development and Cultural Causation, Author: Ian Inkster
Title: Capitalist Development and Economism in East Asia: The Rise of Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea / Edition 1, Author: Kui-Wai Li
Title: Women and Work in Globalising Asia / Edition 1, Author: Dong-Sook S. Gills
Title: The Vietnamese Economy: Awakening the Dormant Dragon / Edition 1, Author: CHI DO-PHAM
Title: China's Third Economic Transformation: The Rise of the Private Economy / Edition 1, Author: Ross Garnaut
Title: The Rise and Fall of the East Asian Growth System, 1951-2000: Institutional Competitiveness and Rapid Economic Growth / Edition 1, Author: Huang Xiaoming
Title: Capital and Knowledge in Asia: Changing Power Relations / Edition 1, Author: Heidi Dahles
Title: Southeast Asian Paper Tigers? / Edition 1, Author: K. S. Jomo

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