Title: National Identity and Nineteenth-Century Franco-Belgian Sculpture / Edition 1, Author: Jana Wijnsouw
Title: Portuguese Artists in London: Shaping Identities in Post-War Europe / Edition 1, Author: Leonor de Oliveira
Title: Mapping Impressionist Painting in Transnational Contexts, Author: Emily C. Burns Pre-Order Now
Title: Artistic Responses to Travel in the Western Tradition / Edition 1, Author: Sarah J. Lippert
Title: The Reception of the Printed Image in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries: Multiplied and Modified, Author: Grazyna Jurkowlaniec
Title: New Geographies of Abstract Art in Postwar Latin America, Author: Mariola V. Alvarez
Title: History and Art History: Looking Past Disciplines, Author: Nicholas Chare
Title: Chinese-Islamic Works of Art, 1644-1912: A Study of Some Qing Dynasty Examples / Edition 1, Author: Emily Byrne Curtis
Title: Ornament and European Modernism: From Art Practice to Art History / Edition 1, Author: Loretta Vandi
Title: Globalizing East European Art Histories: Past and Present, Author: Beáta Hock
Title: Pop Art and Popular Music: Jukebox Modernism / Edition 1, Author: Melissa L. Mednicov
Title: Picturing Courtiers and Nobles from Castiglione to Van Dyck: Self Representation by Early Modern Elites, Author: John Peacock
Title: Iconology, Neoplatonism, and the Arts in the Renaissance, Author: Berthold Hub
Title: Art, Awakening, and Modernity in the Middle East: The Arab Nude, Author: Octavian Esanu
Title: Public Statues Across Time and Cultures, Author: Christopher P. Dickenson Pre-Order Now
Title: René Magritte and the Art of Thinking, Author: Lisa Lipinski
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Title: Henri Bertin and the Representation of China in Eighteenth-Century France, Author: John Finlay
Title: Antebellum American Pendant Paintings: New Ways of Looking, Author: Wendy N. E. Ikemoto
NOOK Book $36.99 $48.95 Current price is $36.99, Original price is $48.95.
Title: Mobility and Identity in US Genre Painting: Painting at the Threshold, Author: Lacey Baradel
Title: Academies and Schools of Art in Latin America, Author: Oscar E. Vázquez
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