Title: Berkeley on Abstraction and Abstract Ideas, Author: Willis Doney
Title: Berkeley: The Philosophy of Immaterialism, Author: I.C. Tipton
Title: Berkeley's Doctrine of Notions: A Reconstruction Based on his Theory of Meaning, Author: Daniel E. Flage
Title: David Hume: His Theory of Knowledge and Morality, Author: D.G.C. MacNabb
Title: David Hume's Theory of Mind, Author: Daniel E. Flage
Title: Hume's Skepticism in the Treatise of Human Nature, Author: Robert J. Fogelin
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Title: Hume's Theory of the Understanding, Author: Ralph W. Church
Title: An Introduction to Kant's Philosophy, Author: Norman Clark
Title: Kant on Absolute Value: A Critical Examination of Certain Key Notions in Kant's 'Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals' and of his Ontology of Personal Value, Author: Patrick Æ. Hutchings
Title: Language, Subjectivity, and Freedom in Rousseau's Moral Philosophy, Author: Richard Noble
Title: Money, Obedience, and Affection: Essays on Berkeley's Moral and Political Thought, Author: Stephen R.L. Clark
Title: Philosophical Commentaries by George Berkeley: Transcribed From the Manuscript and Edited with an Introduction by George H. Thomas, Explanatory Notes by A.A. Luce, Author: George Berkeley
Title: The Real in the Ideal: Berkeley's Relation to Kant, Author: R.C.S.  Walker
Title: Rousseau and the Modern State, Author: Alfred Cobban
Title: Rousseau: Stoic & Romantic, Author: Kennedy F. Roche
Title: Rousseau: The Child of Nature, Author: John Charpentier
Title: Voltaire, Author: Richard Aldington