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Title: Stuart Hall / Edition 1, Author: James Procter
Title: Theorists of Modernist Poetry: T.S. Eliot, T.E. Hulme, Ezra Pound / Edition 1, Author: Rebecca Beasley
Title: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick / Edition 1, Author: Jason Edwards
Title: Judith Butler, Author: Sara Salih
Title: Michel Foucault / Edition 1, Author: Sara Mills
Title: Kwame Anthony Appiah, Author: Christopher J. Lee
Title: Paul Ricoeur, Author: Karl Simms
Title: Fredric Jameson, Author: Adam Roberts
Title: Paul Virilio / Edition 1, Author: Ian James
Title: Theorists of the Modernist Novel: James Joyce, Dorothy Richardson and Virginia Woolf, Author: Deborah Parsons
Title: American Theorists of the Novel: Henry James, Lionel Trilling and Wayne C. Booth, Author: Peter Rawlings
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Title: Giorgio Agamben, Author: Alex Murray
Title: Friedrich Nietzsche, Author: Lee Spinks
Title: Feminist Film Theorists: Laura Mulvey, Kaja Silverman, Teresa de Lauretis, Barbara Creed / Edition 1, Author: Shohini Chaudhuri
Title: Jean Baudrillard / Edition 2, Author: Richard J. Lane
Title: Hans-Georg Gadamer, Author: Karl Simms
Title: Karl Marx, Author: Andrew Rowcroft
Title: Gilles Deleuze / Edition 1, Author: Claire Colebrook
Title: Simone de Beauvoir, Author: Ursula Tidd
Title: Homi K. Bhabha, Author: David Huddart

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