Title: Market and Society in Korea: Interest, Institution and the Textile Industry / Edition 1, Author: Dennis McNamara
Title: Social and Economic Policies in Korea: Ideas, Networks and Linkages / Edition 1, Author: Dong-Myeon Shin
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Title: North Korea in the World Economy / Edition 1, Author: Eun Kwan Choi
Title: Legal Reform in Korea, Author: Tom Ginsburg
Title: Transformations in Twentieth Century Korea, Author: Yun-shik Chang
Title: The Development of Modern South Korea: State Formation, Capitalist Development and National Identity, Author: Kyong Ju Kim
Title: Industrial Relations in Korea: Diversity and Dynamism of Korean Enterprise Unions from a Comparative Perspective, Author: Jooyeon Jeong
Title: The Global Korean Motor Industry: The Hyundai Motor Company's Global Strategy, Author: Russell D. Lansbury
Title: Korean Multinationals in Europe / Edition 1, Author: Judith Cherry
Title: Korea in the New Asia: East Asian Integration and the China Factor / Edition 1, Author: Francoise Nicolas
Title: Korean Workers and Neoliberal Globalization / Edition 1, Author: Kevin Gray
Title: Foreign Direct Investment in Post-Crisis Korea: European Investors and 'Mismatched Globalization' / Edition 1, Author: Judith Cherry
Title: Korean Film and Festivals: Global Transcultural Flows, Author: Hyunseon Lee Pre-Order Now
Title: Understanding Korean Public Administration: Lessons learned from practice / Edition 1, Author: Kwang-Kook Park
Title: Samsung, Media Empire and Family: A power web / Edition 1, Author: Chunhyo Kim
Title: Samsung, Media Empire and Family: A power web, Author: Chunhyo Kim
Title: IT Development in Korea: A Broadband Nirvana?, Author: Kwang-Suk Lee
Title: The Korean Tradition of Religion, Society, and Ethics: A Comparative and Historical Self-understanding and Looking Beyond, Author: Chai-sik Chung
Title: Digital Development in Korea: Lessons for a Sustainable World / Edition 2, Author: Myung Oh
Title: The Road to Multiculturalism in South Korea: Ideas, Discourse, and Institutional Change in a Homogenous Nation-State, Author: Timothy C. Lim

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