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Title: New Oceania: Modernisms and Modernities in the Pacific / Edition 1, Author: Matthew Hayward
Title: Anglophone Jewish Literatures, Author: Axel Stahler
Title: Before Auschwitz: Irene Nemirovsky and the Cultural Landscape of Inter-War, Author: Angela Kershaw
Title: Travel and Drugs in Twentieth-Century Literature, Author: Lindsey Michael Banco
Title: Diary Poetics: Form and Style in Writers' Diaries, 1915-1962 / Edition 1, Author: Anna Jackson
Title: Gender, Ireland and Cultural Change: Race, Sex and Nation / Edition 1, Author: Gerardine Meaney
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Title: Jewishness and Masculinity from the Modern to the Postmodern / Edition 1, Author: Neil R. Davison
Title: Travel and Modernist Literature: Sacred and Ethical Journeys, Author: Alexandra Peat
Title: Primo Levi's Narratives of Embodiment: Containing the Human / Edition 1, Author: Charlotte Ross
Title: Aesthetic Pleasure in Twentieth-Century Women's Food Writing: The Innovative Appetites of M.F.K. Fisher, Alice B. Toklas, and Elizabeth David, Author: Alice McLean
Title: Critical Approaches to American Working-Class Literature / Edition 1, Author: Michelle Tokarczyk
Title: Global Cold War Literature: Western, Eastern and Postcolonial Perspectives, Author: Andrew Hammond
Title: Exploring Magic Realism in Salman Rushdie's Fiction, Author: Ursula Kluwick
Title: Wallace Stevens, New York, and Modernism, Author: Lisa Goldfarb
Title: Locating Gender in Modernism: The Outsider Female, Author: Geetha Ramanathan
Title: Autobiographies of Others: Historical Subjects and Literary Fiction, Author: Lucia Boldrini
Title: Literary Ghosts from the Victorians to Modernism: The Haunting Interval, Author: Luke Thurston
Title: Contemporary Reconfigurations of American Literary Classics: The Origin and Evolution of American Stories, Author: Betina Entzminger
Title: AIDS Literature and Gay Identity: The Literature of Loss, Author: Monica B. Pearl
Title: The Epic Trickster in American Literature: From Sunjata to So(u)l, Author: Gregory E. Rutledge

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