Title: Facing Fascism: The Conservative Party and The European Dictators 1935 -1940, Author: Nick Crowson
Title: Britain And The Problem Of International Disarmament / Edition 1, Author: Carolyn J. Kitching
Title: Trials of Irish History: Genesis and Evolution of a Reappraisal / Edition 1, Author: Evi Gkotzaridis
Title: From Slave Trade to Empire: European Colonisation of Black Africa 1780s-1880s / Edition 1, Author: Olivier Petre-Grenouilleau
Title: The Russian Revolution of 1905: Centenary Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Anthony J. Heywood
Title: Weimar Cities: The Challenge of Urban Modernity in Germany, 1919-1933, Author: John Bingham
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Title: The Nazi Party and the German Foreign Office, Author: Hans-Adolph Jacobsen
Title: German Colonialism, Visual Culture, and Modern Memory, Author: Volker Langbehn
Title: Landscapes of the Western Front: Materiality During the Great War, Author: Ross Wilson
Title: West Germans and the Nazi Legacy / Edition 1, Author: Caroline Sharples
Title: Totalitarian Dictatorship: New Histories, Author: Daniela Baratieri
Title: European Border Regions in Comparison: Overcoming Nationalistic Aspects or Re-Nationalization?, Author: Katarzyna Stoklosa
Title: History, Memory, and Trans-European Identity: Unifying Divisions / Edition 1, Author: Aline Sierp
Title: Constructing a German Diaspora: The
Title: Turkey and the Rescue of European Jews / Edition 1, Author: I. Izzet Bahar
Title: Antifascism After Hitler: East German Youth and Socialist Memory, 1949-1989 / Edition 1, Author: Catherine Plum
Title: Fascism and Ideology: Italy, Britain, and Norway / Edition 1, Author: Salvatore Garau
Title: Hitler's Brudervolk: The Dutch and the Colonization of Occupied Eastern Europe, 1939-1945 / Edition 1, Author: Geraldien von Frijtag Drabbe Kunzel
Title: Ireland's Great Famine and Popular Politics / Edition 1, Author: Enda Delaney
Title: Legacies of Violence in Contemporary Spain: Exhuming the Past, Understanding the Present / Edition 1, Author: Ofelia Ferran

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