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Title: Off The Record, Author: Robert Wallace
Title: Writing Poems / Edition 6, Author: Michelle Boisseau
Title: Thrilling Spy Stories Spring 1940, Author: Capt. Kerry McRoberts
Title: THE PHANTOM DETECTIVE: The Black Ball of Death, Author: Fiction House Press
Title: Paint Out, Author: Robert Wallace
Title: End of the Chain, Author: Robert Wallace Finlay
Title: From Belleau Wood to Bougainville: The Oral History of Major General Robert Blake USMC and The Travel Journal of Rosselet Wallace Blake, Author: Robert Wallace Blake
Title: The Would-Be Herbalist: Bird Singing From a Dead Tree, Volume one, Author: Robert Wallace
Title: Farming Industries of Cape Colony, Author: Harry Stratford Caldecott
Title: The Phantom Detective in The Video Victims, Author: Robert Wallace
Title: Finger Play, Author: Robert Wallace
Title: To Catch a Forger, Author: Robert Wallace
Title: Spy Sites of New York City, Author: H. Keith Melton
Title: Triple Detective #1 (Winter 1956), Author: Stewart Sterling
Title: Triple Detective #4 (Fall 1956), Author: Tom Johnson
Title: Thrilling G-Men Stories, Author: Fiction House Press
Title: One Single Ticket: A gripping Victorian detective mystery: A thrilling suspense novel based on historical facts: Brunel's most creative vision - travel from London to New York on one single ticket, Author: Robert Wallace
Title: The Man of the Family, Author: Robert  Wallace Bennett
Title: The Phantom Detective: Tycoon of Crime, Author: Robert Wallace
Title: Origins of Democracy in Ancient Greece / Edition 1, Author: Kurt A. Raaflaub

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