Title: My Dog Shep/Shep Comes Home Double Featue
Title: Danger Street
Director: Lew Landers
Title: Forgotten Noir 2: Loan Shark / Arson Inc.
Title: Dangerous Passage
Title: Legendary Outlaws, Vol. 2: Return of Jesse James/Gunfire
Title: Legendary Outlaws, Vol. 3: the Dalton Gang/I Shot Billy the Kid
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Title: They Made Me a Killer
Title: Sensation Hunters
Title: Rainin' Down Blues, Artist: Robert Lowery
Title: Think Up to Get Up: How to Break Free from Destructive Ways of Thinking, Author: Robert Lowery
Title: A Whirlwind in Dublin: The Plough and the Stars Riots, Author: Robert Lowery
Title: Sean O'Casey's Autobiographies: An Annotated Index, Author: Robert Lowery