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Title: King Kong (1933)
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Title: Mighty Joe Young
Title: Return of the Bad Men
Title: Without Orders
Title: King Kong/Son of Kong
Title: The Paleface
Title: Gang Busters [Serial]
Title: Paid
Title: Danger Lights
Title: Suicide Fleet
Title: Kansas City Princess
Title: Fast Workers
Title: Let's Get Tough!
Title: All-American Chump
Title: The Racketeer
Title: Adopted, Just Like Me, Author: Robert Armstrong
Title: Good Bugs, Bad Bugs: A Modern Approach for Detecting Offensive Biological Weapons Research, Author: Cheryl Loeb
Title: Buyer Beware, Author: Robert Armstrong
Title: Escape From Camp Bedlam, Author: Robert Armstrong
Title: Buyer Beware, Author: Robert Armstrong

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