Title: Escape of the Birdmen
Title: Moby Dick
Director: John Huston
Title: City Beneath the Sea
Director: Irwin Allen
Title: The Bounty Man
Title: Rage
Title: Il Bidone
Director: Federico Fellini
Title: Sole Survivor
Director: Paul Stanley
Title: The Satan Bug
Title: Flood!
Director: Earl Bellamy
Title: Time Limit
Title: Cry Wolf
Director: Peter Godfrey
Title: Where Danger Lives/Tension
Title: He Walked by Night
Title: Fixed Bayonets
Director: Samuel Fuller
Title: Hitler
Director: Stuart Heisler
Title: The House on Telegraph Hill
Title: 21 Hours at Munich
Title: La Strada
Director: Federico Fellini
Title: Repeat Performance
Director: Alfred L. Werker