Title: The Torrent
Director: Monta Bell
Title: Frisco Kid
Director: Lloyd Bacon
Title: Thirteen Women
Title: The Phantom of Crestwood
Title: Special Agent
Director: William Keighley
Title: The Big Shakedown
Title: Shadow of Doubt
Director: George B. Seitz
Title: The Man with Two Faces
Title: A Lost Lady
Director: Alfred E. Green
Title: Mystery in Mexico
Director: Robert Wise
Title: Symphony of Six Million
Title: The House on 56th Street
Title: Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence
Title: Mr. Moto's Last Warning
Title: Torch Singer
Title: Is My Face Red?
Director: William Seiter
Title: Postal Inspector
Director: Otto Brower
Title: Mockery
Title: Swan
Title: Behind Office Doors

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