Title: Proyecto Creación, Author: Sunshine Rodgers
Title: Historia de los Luchadores Furiosos, Author: Bill Vincent
Title: Of Great and Hidden Things: Book 5 in the Beast Tale Scrolls, Author: Joan Walsh
Title: The Traveler's Touch: The Invasion of the Fallen Angels, Author: Jarrod D. Dixon
Title: Este es mi Cielo, Author: Sunshine Rodgers
Title: Branded, Author: Emma Garriott
Title: RUDD: Where Hearts Collide, Author: Robert Erickson
Title: The Traveler's Touch: The Mystery of the Thick Red Socks, Author: Jarrod D. Dixon
Title: Después de ti, Author: Sunshine Rodgers
Title: El Hacedor de Milagros y los Inadaptados, Author: Dixie Koch
Title: This Is My Heaven, Author: Sunshine Rodgers
Title: O Realizador de Milagres e os Desajustados, Author: Dixie Koch
Title: Este é o meu Céu, Author: Sunshine Rodgers
Title: El Espejo de la fe de Dios Usted se Mira o se Observa Diariamente en su Espejo?, Author: Elrich Martin
Title: Aquí, Allí y En Todas Partes, Author: Avlon McCreadie
Title: La Sofferenza degli Innocenti, Author: Marc Zirogiannis
Title: O Wrestler - Em Busca de um Sonho, Author: Bill Vincent
Title: Destroying Dragons, Author: Joan Walsh
Title: L'oscuro Segreto di Gideon, Author: J. Steele
Title: The Miracle Maker and the Misfits: Two Supernatural Kingdoms and the Clashing of Swords, Author: Dixie Koch

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