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Title: Gray is Not a Color, Author: Sally Madden
Title: 1999, Author: Noah Van Sciver
Title: We Will Remain, Author: Andrew White
Title: Bowman 1, Author: Pat Aulisio
Title: Pocket Full of Coffee, Author: Joe Decie
Title: New Sludge City, Author: Brendan Leach
Title: Gold Star, Author: John Martz
Title: The Monkey in the Basement and Other Delusions, Author: Corinne Mucha
Title: Beach Girls plus Dweeb, Author: Box Brown
Title: Drag Bandits, Author: Betsey Swardlick
Title: Farm School, Author: Jason Turner
Title: Raw Power 1, Author: Josh Bayer
Title: 4090, Author: Nathan Schreiber
Title: Flocks 1: A Paradox of Faith, Author: L. Nichols
Title: Daddy Lightning, Author: Tom Hart
Title: Fungus 1, Author: James Kochalka
Title: Grand Gestures, Author: Simon Moreton