Title: Anjin - The Life and Times of Samurai William Adams, 1564-1620.: A Japanese Perspective, Author: Hiromi T Rogers
Title: The Call of Japan: A Continuing Story-1950 to the Present Day, Author: Hans Brinckmann
Title: The State of the Japanese State: Contested Identity, Direction and Role, Author: Gavan McCormack
Title: Isabella Bird and Japan: A Reassessment, Author: Kiyonori Kanasaka
Title: Letters to Another Room, Author: Ravil Bukharaev
Title: Consul in Japan, 1903-1941: Oswald White's Memoir 'All Ambition Spent', Author: Hugo Read
Title: An Image of the Times: An Irreverent Companion to Ben Jonson's Four Humours and the Art of Diplomacy, Author: Nils-Johan Jorgensen
Title: Mediating Empire: An English Family in China, 1817-1927, Author: Andrew Hillier
Title: The Paintings of Korean Shaman Gods: History, Relevance and Role as Religious Icons, Author: Kim Tae-gon
Title: Korea 1905-1945: From Japanese Colonialism to Liberation and Independence, Author: Ku Daeyeol Pre-Order Now
Title: Magnolia: A Novel, Author: Agnita Tennant
Title: Britain & Japan: Biographical Portraits, Author: Hugh Cortazzi
Title: Unbeaten Tracks in Japan: Revisiting Isabella Bird, Author: Kiyonori Kanasaka
Title: My Shanghai, 1942-1946: A Novel, Author: Keiko Itoh
Title: Homo Contribuens: The Need to Give and the Search for Fulfilment, Author: Hisao Taki
Title: Across the Three Pagodas Pass: The Story of the Thai-Burma Railway, Author: Yoshihiko Futamatsu
Title: British Extraterritoriality in Korea 1884 - 1910: A Comparison with Japan, Author: Christopher Roberts Pre-Order Now
Title: The Abe Experiment and the Future of Japan: Don't Repeat History, Author: Junji Banno
Title: Anjin - The Life & Times of Samurai William Adams, 1564-1620: As Seen Through Japanese Eyes, Author: Hiromi T. Rogers
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Title: Cantankerous Essays: Musings of a Disillusioned Japanophile, Author: Ron Dore

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