Title: Learning Environments: Contributions from Dutch and German Research, Author: Jules M. Pieters
Title: Auditing: Advances in Behavioral Research, Author: Lawrence A. Ponemon
Title: Self-Representation: The Second Attribution-Personality Theory Conference, CSPP-LA, 1986, Author: Seymour L. Zelen
Title: The Person and Primary Emotions, Author: Peter A. Bertocci
Title: The Lewin Legacy: Field Theory in Current Practice, Author: Eugene Stivers
Title: Epistemological Foundations of Mathematical Experience / Edition 1, Author: Leslie P. Steffe
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Title: Perspectives on Nonviolence, Author: V.K. Kool
Title: The Psychological Effects of Aerobic Fitness Training: Research and Theory, Author: David G. McDonald
Title: Enriched and Impoverished Environments: Effects on Brain and Behavior, Author: Michael J. Renner
Title: Religion, Personality, and Mental Health, Author: Laurence B. Brown
Title: Categorization and Differentiation: A Set, Re-Set, Comparison Analysis of the Effects of Context on Person Perception, Author: Leonard L. Martin
Title: Hermeneutics in Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Author: Sybe J.S. Terwee
Title: Self-Organization in Psychotherapy: Demarcations of a New Perspective, Author: Arno L. Goudsmit
Title: Reducing Benzodiazepine Consumption: Psychological Contributions to General Practice, Author: Margaret A. Cormack
Title: The Goal of B. F. Skinner and Behavior Analysis, Author: Robert W. Proctor
Title: Mathematical Psychology in Progress, Author: Edward E. Roskam
Title: Ergonomics and Human Factors: Recent Research / Edition 1, Author: Leonard S. Mark
Title: Positivism in Psychology: Historical and Contemporary Problems / Edition 1, Author: Charles W. Tolman
Title: Language and Learning in the Cooperative Classroom, Author: Shlomo Sharan
Title: Construction of Arithmetical Meanings and Strategies, Author: Leslie P. Steffe

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