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Title: Consistency, Scalability, and Personality Measurement, Author: Kevin Lanning
Title: Consistency in Personality: A Methodological Framework, Author: Daniel J. Ozer
Title: Fuzzy Set Analysis for Behavioral and Social Sciences, Author: Michael Smithson
Title: Differential Psychophysiology: Persons in Situations, Author: Gerhard Stemmler
Title: New Models, New Extensions of Attribution Theory: The Third Attribution-Personality Theory Conference, CSPP-LA, 1988, Author: Seymour L. Zelen
Title: Solvent Abuse: A Population-Based Neuropsychological Study / Edition 1, Author: Oliver Chadwick
Title: The Self-Concept: European Perspectives on its Development, Aspects, and Applications, Author: Louis Oppenheimer
Title: Frontiers of Motivational Psychology: Essays in Honor of John W. Atkinson, Author: Donald R. Brown
Title: Recent Trends in Theoretical Psychology: Proceedings of the Second Biannual Conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology, April 20-25, 1987, Banff, Alberta, Canada, Author: W.J. Baker
Title: Categorization and Differentiation: A Set, Re-Set, Comparison Analysis of the Effects of Context on Person Perception, Author: Leonard L. Martin
Title: Perspectives on Nonviolence / Edition 1, Author: V.K. Kool
Title: Psychometric Properties of Fourteen Latent Constructs from the Oregon Youth Study, Author: Deborah N. Capaldi
Title: Alcohol Education and Young Offenders: Medium and Short Term Effectiveness of Education Programs, Author: Steve Baldwin
Title: Reading Across the Life Span, Author: Steven R. Yussen
Title: Evaluation of Performance: A Judgmental Approach, Author: Bettina Hannover
Title: Symbolic Action Theory and Cultural Psychology, Author: Ernest E. Boesch
Title: The Goal of B. F. Skinner and Behavior Analysis, Author: Robert W. Proctor
Title: Parent-Teen Communication: Toward the Prevention of Unintended Pregnancies, Author: James Jaccard
Title: Auditing: Advances in Behavioral Research, Author: Lawrence A. Ponemon
Title: Enriched and Impoverished Environments: Effects on Brain and Behavior, Author: Michael J. Renner

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