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Title: Psychological Theories from a Structuralist Point of View, Author: Hans Westmeyer
Title: Auditing: Advances in Behavioral Research, Author: Lawrence A. Ponemon
Title: Cognitive Science in Europe: A report from the FAST Programme of the Commission of the European Communities, Author: Michel Imbert
Title: Reducing Benzodiazepine Consumption: Psychological Contributions to General Practice, Author: Margaret A. Cormack
Title: Drug Education in Schools: An Evaluation of the
Title: Symbolic Action Theory and Cultural Psychology, Author: Ernest E. Boesch
Title: Categorization and Differentiation: A Set, Re-Set, Comparison Analysis of the Effects of Context on Person Perception, Author: Leonard L. Martin
Title: Fuzzy Set Analysis for Behavioral and Social Sciences, Author: Michael Smithson
Title: Affirmative Action in Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Fletcher A. Blanchard
Title: Psychological Aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Author: Mary L. Pritchard
Title: Global Report on Student Well-Being: Volume IV: Religion, Education, Recreation, and Health, Author: Alex C. Michalos
Title: Simulation Fidelity in Training System Design: Bridging the Gap Between Reality and Training / Edition 1, Author: Robert T. Hays
Title: Socialization and Aggression, Author: Adam Fraczek
Title: Frontiers of Motivational Psychology: Essays in Honor of John W. Atkinson, Author: Donald R. Brown
Title: Frontiers of Mathematical Psychology: Essays in Honor of Clyde Coombs / Edition 1, Author: Donald R. Brown
Title: Consistency in Personality: A Methodological Framework, Author: Daniel J. Ozer
Title: Abstraction and Aging: A Social Psychological Analysis, Author: Jason S. Lee
Title: Hermeneutics in Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Author: Sybe J.S. Terwee
Title: Global Report on Student Well-Being: Life Satisfaction and Happiness, Author: Alex C. Michalos
Title: Rules of Hope, Author: James R. Averill

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