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Title: Learning Environments: Contributions from Dutch and German Research, Author: Jules M. Pieters
Title: Global Report on Student Well-Being: Life Satisfaction and Happiness, Author: Alex C. Michalos
Title: Consistency, Scalability, and Personality Measurement, Author: Kevin Lanning
Title: The Lewin Legacy: Field Theory in Current Practice, Author: Eugene Stivers
Title: The Future of Social Psychology, Author: Cookie Stephan
Title: Quantification of Human Defence Mechanisms, Author: Miranda Olff
Title: Cognitive Science in Europe: A report from the FAST Programme of the Commission of the European Communities, Author: Michel Imbert
Title: Positivism in Psychology: Historical and Contemporary Problems / Edition 1, Author: Charles W. Tolman
Title: Self-Representation: The Second Attribution-Personality Theory Conference, CSPP-LA, 1986, Author: Seymour L. Zelen
Title: Primate Laterality: Current Behavioral Evidence of Primate Asymmetries / Edition 1, Author: Jeannette P. Ward
Title: Cognitive and Psychometric Analysis of Analogical Problem Solving, Author: Isaac I. Bejar
Title: Solvent Abuse: A Population-Based Neuropsychological Study / Edition 1, Author: Oliver Chadwick
Title: Global Report on Student Well-Being: Volume III: Employment, Finances, Housing, and Transportation, Author: Alex C. Michalos
Title: Epistemological Foundations of Mathematical Experience / Edition 1, Author: Leslie P. Steffe
Title: Psychological Theories from a Structuralist Point of View, Author: Hans Westmeyer
Title: Construction of Arithmetical Meanings and Strategies, Author: Leslie P. Steffe
Title: The Ulysses Factor: Evaluating Visitors in Tourist Settings, Author: Philip Pearce
Title: The Long-Term Retention of Knowledge and Skills: A Cognitive and Instructional Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Marshall J. Farr
Title: Handbook of Interpersonal Competence Research, Author: Brian H. Spitzberg
Title: Rules of Hope, Author: James R. Averill

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