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Title: Run Rabbit, Run!, Author: Rodney Peppé
Title: Dragonsinger (Harper Hall Trilogy Series #2), Author: Anne McCaffrey
Paperback $7.08 $7.50 Current price is $7.08, Original price is $7.50.
Title: Lizard Music, Author: Daniel Pinkwater
Title: What If a Lion Eats Me and I Fall into a Hippopotamus' Mud Hole, Author: Emily Hanlon
Title: The Complete Computer Popularity Program, Author: Todd Strasser
Title: Encyclopedia Brown's Record Book of Weird and Wonderful Facts, Author: Donald J. Sobol
Title: In Search of Margaret Fuller: A Biography, Author: Abby Slater
Title: Spell It M-U-R-D-E-R, Author: Ivy Ruckman
Title: One Eyed Cat, Author: Dell Publishing
Title: Billy Jo Jive and the Walkie-Talkie Caper: A Mystery, Author: John Shearer
Title: Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History, Author: Susan Meiselas
Hardcover $94.41 $100.00 Current price is $94.41, Original price is $100.00.
Title: Great Swedish Fairy Tales, Author: Holger Lundbergh
Title: How to Teach Your Children about Sex ... Without Making a Complete Fool of Yourself, Author: Stan Berenstain
Title: The Skull in the Snow and Other Folktales, Author: Toni McCarty
Title: Attack of the Insecticons, Author: Lynn Beach
Title: Visions from Nowhere, Author: William Arrow
Title: Fourth-Grade Celebrity, Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
Title: I Am Rosemarie, Author: Marietta D. Moskin
Title: It's Not the End of the World, Author: Judy Blume
Title: Sir Hamm and the Golden Sundial, Author: Sal Murdocca

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