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Title: Sport, Author: Louise Fitzhugh
Title: Secrets of the Shopping Mall, Author: Richard Peck
Title: Disney Library, Author: Martha Banta
Title: Tigger - Apple, Author: Martha Banta
Title: Scrooge - Golden, Author: Martha Banta
Title: Panda, Author: Susan Bonners
Title: The Night of the Comet: A Comedy of Courtship Featuring Bostock and Harris, Author: Leon Garfield
Title: The Animal, the Vegetable, and John D. Jones, Author: Betsy Byars
Title: Little Man, Little Man: A Story of Childhood, Author: James Baldwin
Title: A Matter of Principle, Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
Title: Before you Were Three: How you Began to Walk, Talk, Explore, and Have Feelings, Author: Robie H. Harris
Title: Mickey - Troll, Author: Martha Banta
Title: Pluto's Big Race, Author: Martha Banta
Title: The Night Swimmers, Author: Betsy Byars
Title: Workin' for Peanuts, Author: Todd Strasser
Title: Rock 'N' Roll Nights, Author: Todd Strasser
Title: Close Enough to Touch, Author: Richard Peck
Title: About David, Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
Title: The Birthday Murderer: A Mystery, Author: Jay Bennett
Title: Mickey's Little, Author: Martha Banta

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