Title: The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell
Title: Trading Places
Director: John Landis
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Title: Pretty Woman
Title: The Winds of War
Director: Dan Curtis
Title: Carefree
Director: Mark Sandrich
Title: Dive Bomber
Director: Michael Curtiz
Title: Sunrise at Campobello
Title: His Girl Friday
Title: The Awful Truth
Title: Search for the Gods
Director: Jud Taylor
Title: Lady on a Train
Director: Charles David
Title: Woman in the Dark
Director: Phil Rosen
Title: Ace of Aces
Director: J. Walter Ruben
Title: Delightfully Dangerous
Title: Spitfire
Director: John Cromwell
Title: Headline Shooter
Director: Otto Brower
Title: Air Hawks
Director: Albert Rogell
Title: Young America
Director: Frank Borzage
Title: Blind Alley
Director: Charles Vidor