Title: Sati Sadhani: The Tragedy Queen of Assam, Author: Hiranya Borah
Title: The Queen's Blade, Author: T C Southwell
Title: The Queen of the Milds (Vranon Lore, #2), Author: D.P. Rowell
Title: The Last Queen Book One, Author: Odette C. Bell
Title: Queen of all the Knowing World, Author: Jon Jacks
Title: Scarred Queen (The Queens, #1), Author: Nikita Slater
Title: Queen Witch (Foulweather Twins, #1), Author: J.R. Pearse Nelson
Title: Little Queen Abigail, Author: John B. Joseph
Title: Queen Of Hearts (Part Four of The Wonderland Series), Author: Robert Hill
Title: The Queen's Demise, Author: Tom Marlow
Title: Ever After High - Raven Queen: Il libro dei destini, Author: Shannon Hale
Title: Queen Of The Dreamers, Author: T. John Greene
Title: Dragon Queen And Her Brood : Fantasy, Science Fiction, & Horror Flash Fiction #1, Author: Kristie Lynn Higgins
Title: Dare Quest: Queen Cleopatra, Author: Brian Smith
Title: King of Swords (and other prequel stories to Tarot Queen), Author: Stephanie Barr
Title: The Dragon-Queen of Venus Rescaled, Author: Lee Brackett
Title: Tiger Queen Educator's Guide, Author: Annie Sullivan
Title: The Queen in Exile (The Lost Tsar Trilogy Book II), Author: Terri Dixon
Title: Journey of the Fourth Queen (The Empyrical Tales, #1), Author: Mark Miller
Title: Slave, Warrior, Queen (Of Crowns and Glory--Book 1), Author: Morgan Rice

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