Title: In the Land of Wilderness, Author: Marty Meierotto
Title: Adventures of Balto, Author: Patricia Chargot
Title: Trapline Chatter, Author: Nancy Becker
Title: 49 Years in the 49th State: A wildlife biologist reflects on nearly 50 years of adventure and exploration in Alaska, Author: Patrick Valkenburg
Title: Rivers: Diary of a Blind Alaska Racing Sled Dog, Author: Mike Dillingham
Title: Alaska Gardening Guide: Vegetables for Northern Climates, Author: Ann D. Roberts
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Title: Should I Not Return: The Most Controversial Tragedy in the History of North American Mountaineering!, Author: Jeffrey Babcock
Title: Freedom, 25,000 BC, Author: Bonnye Matthews
Title: Integrity, 130,000 BC, Author: Bonnye Matthews
Title: Courage, 30,000 BC, Author: Bonnye Matthews
Title: Majestic Journey: An Iditarod Dog Team Gives a Rookie Musher a 1,000 Mile Ride of His Life Across Remote Alaska, Author: Bill Jack
Title: Trapline Chatter: Life and Love with 'Last Alaskan' Bob Harte, Author: Nancy Becker
Title: Archie Ferguson, Author: Steve Levi
Title: What Should I Eat: Solve Diabetes, Lose Weight, and Live Healthy, Author: Rick Mystrom
Title: Kiti's Story, 75,000 BC: Book One of Winds of Change, a Prehistoric Fiction Series on the Peopling of the Americas, Author: Bonnye Matthews
Title: Fishes of the Last Frontier: Life Histories, Biology, Ecology, and Management of Alaska's Fishes, Author: Bill Hauser
Title: Cowboys of the Sky: The Story of Alaska's Bush Pilots, Author: Steven C. Levi
Title: The Fisherman's Daughter, Author: Robin Barefield
Title: 14 Days to Alaska: Two Brothers in a 57-Year-Old Airplane Fly the Ultimate Cross Country Flight Training Adventure, Author: Troy Hamon
Title: 22 and the Mother of 11: An Alaska Frontier Instant Mother's Story, Author: Betty Arnett
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