Title: The Gatekeeper Chronicles, Book 1: Escape from Prison Base Luna, Author: Terrence McCauley
Title: The Disintegration of Dragons, Part 1: A Death in Vastervik, Author: Mark Bousquet
Title: Black Pulp, Author: Walter Mosley
Title: Alpha/Omega, Episode 1: Hostile Takeover, Author: Van Allen Plexico
Title: The Canticle of Ordrass: The Wheel of the Year - Samhain, Author: Logan L. Masterson
Title: A Chick, A Dick and a Witch Walk Into a Barn..., Author: Nikki Nelson-Hicks
Title: From the Pen of Greg Norgaard, Book 1: Change the Past, Author: Greg Norgaard
Title: The Revenant Detective, Volume 1: Deadly Role, Author: P.J. Lozito
Title: Cold Dish: A John Logan Thriller, Author: Rick Nichols
Title: John Logan: Into the Magic Night, Author: Rick Nichols
Title: The Adventures of the Dark Gentleman, Book 1: The Judgment of the Shadow Court, Author: Barry Reese
Title: Shadows Over America, Book 1: An Exodus of Worms, Author: Aaron Smith
Title: The New Adventures of Foster Fade, the Crime Spectacularist, Author: Adam Lance Garcia
Title: Weird Heroes, Book 1: Hairy Shanks, Author: Josh Reynolds
Title: The Sting of the Silver Manticore, Author: P.J. Lozito
Title: Silver Manticore: Friends and Foes, Author: P.J. Lozito
Title: Tales from the Flip-Side: The Adventures of Big Daddy Cool and the Bombshell Kittens, Author: John Pyka
Title: Forging Truth: The Truth Saga, Book One, Author: Raymond F. Masters
Title: The Brothers Jade, Author: Don Thomas
Title: Global Star, Author: Pro Se Press

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