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Title: Liberty Girl, Author: Barry Reese
Title: The New Adventures of Jim Anthony, Super-Detective, Author: Josh Reynolds
Title: Black Pulp, Author: Walter Mosley
Title: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Author: A.S. Crowder
Title: The Dark Leopard: Mouse Trap, Author: Richard C. White
Title: It's Alive! Tales of Mad Scientists, Author: Pro Se Press
Title: Sherlock Holmes and the Mummy's Curse, Author: Stephanie Osborn
Title: Magee, Volume 1: Knight From Hell, Author: David White
Title: Pro Se Presents: February 2012, Author: Frank Schildiner
Title: The New Adventures of Senorita Scorpion, Author: Nancy Hansen
Title: Corpus Vile: Death in the City, Chapter 1: The Red Judge, Author: Jim Beard
Title: Pulpternative, Author: Pro Se Press
Title: One For All: Tales of the Musketeers, Author: Pro Se Press
Title: The Ninth Circle, Author: Tommy Hancock
Title: The Canticle of Ordrass: The Wheel of the Year - Samhain, Author: Logan L. Masterson
Title: From the Pen of Greg Norgaard, Book 1: Change the Past, Author: Greg Norgaard
Title: The Revenant Detective, Volume 1: Deadly Role, Author: P.J. Lozito
Title: The Gatekeeper Chronicles, Book 1: Escape from Prison Base Luna, Author: Terrence McCauley
Title: Jake Istenhegyi: The Accidental Detective, Vol. 1, Author: Nikki Nelson-Hicks
Title: Monster Aces, Author: Jim Beard

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