Title: Last Words: Variations on a Theme in Cultural History, Author: Karl S. Guthke
Title: The Social Cinema of Jean Renoir, Author: Christopher Faulkner
Title: The Darwinian Heritage, Author: David Kohn
Title: Fascism in Film: The Italian Commercial Cinema, 1931-1943, Author: Marcia Landy
Title: Cervantes and the Mystery of Lawlessness: A Study of El Casamiento Enganoso y el Coloquio de los Perros, Author: Alban K. Forcione
Title: The Linguistic Moment: From Wordsworth to Stevens, Author: Joseph Hillis Miller
Title: The Form of the Unfinished: English Poetics from Spenser to Pound, Author: Ballachandra Rajan
Title: Reading Frames in Modern Fiction, Author: Mary Anne Caws
Title: Fictions in Autobiography: Studies in the Art of Self-Invention, Author: Paul John Eakin
Title: Acting and Action in Shakespearean Tragedy, Author: Michael Goldman
Title: The Metamorphoses of Shakespearean Comedy, Author: William C. Carroll
Title: Pierrots on the Stage of Desire: Nineteenth-Century French Literary Artists and the Comic Pantomime, Author: Robert F. Storey
Title: Mapping Literary Modernism, Author: Ricardo J. Quinones
Title: Italian Literary Icons, Author: Gian-Paolo Biasin
Title: Ben Jonson and the Roman Frame of Mind, Author: Katharine Eisaman Maus
Title: Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria, Author: George Dennis
Title: The Creation of the Roman Frontier, Author: Stephen L. Dyson
Title: The Rise of the Roman Jurists: Studies in Cicero's Pro Caecina, Author: Bruce W. Frier
Title: Ovid's Toyshop of the Heart: Epistulae Heroidum, Author: Florence Verducci
Title: Treatise on Critical Reason, Author: Hans Albert

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