Title: History of Chinese Philosophy, Volume 1: The Period of the Philosophers (from the Beginnings to Circa 100 B.C.), Author: Yu-lan Fung
Title: And Still the Waters Run: The Betrayal of the Five Civilized Tribes / Edition 1, Author: Angie Debo
Title: The Private Worlds of Dying Children, Author: Myra Bluebond-Langner
Title: Princeton Problems in Physics with Solutions, Author: Nathan Newbury
Title: Unnatural Doubts: Epistemological Realism and the Basis of Skepticism, Author: Michael Williams
Title: In the Shadow of Olympus: The Emergence of Macedon / Edition 1, Author: Eugene N. Borza
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Title: Kino: A History of the Russian and Soviet Film, With a New Postscript and a Filmography Brought up to the Present / Edition 3, Author: Jay Leyda
Title: Why Toast Lands Jelly-Side Down: Zen and the Art of Physics Demonstrations, Author: Robert Ehrlich
Title: Molding Japanese Minds: The State in Everyday Life / Edition 1, Author: Sheldon Garon
Title: The Book of Naturalists: An Anthology of the Best Natural History, Author: William Beebe
Title: The Lacanian Subject: Between Language and Jouissance, Author: Bruce Fink
Title: Black Pride and Black Prejudice, Author: Paul M. Sniderman
Title: Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy / Edition 1, Author: Robert D. Putnam
Title: Feminists, Islam, and Nation: Gender and the Making of Modern Egypt / Edition 1, Author: Margot Badran
Title: Life's Devices: The Physical World of Animals and Plants / Edition 1, Author: Steven Vogel
Title: Financing the American Dream: A Cultural History of Consumer Credit / Edition 1, Author: Lendol Calder
Title: The Clash of Gods: A Reinterpretation of Early Christian Art - Revised and Expanded Edition / Edition 1, Author: Thomas F. Mathews
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Title: To Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite, Author: Eli Maor
Title: Analogies at War: Korea, Munich, Dien Bien Phu, and the Vietnam Decisions of 1965 / Edition 1, Author: Yuen Foong Khong
Title: The Mathematical Career of Pierre de Fermat, 1601-1665: Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Michael Sean Mahoney

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