Title: Daydream Nation (Ploughshares Solos), Author: John Duncan Talbird
Title: Phoenix (Ploughshares Solos), Author: Megan Mayhew Bergman
Title: All of Us, We All Are Arameans (Ploughshares Solos), Author: Eileen Pollack
Title: The Elegant Solution (Ploughshares Solos), Author: Jim Tilley
7 in Series
Title: The Genie at Low Tide (Ploughshares Solos), Author: Paul Byall
21 in Series
Title: The Outside Passage, Author: Brendan Jones
23 in Series
Title: This Blue, Author: Aurelie Sheehan
24 in Series
Title: Urchin, Author: Lisa Heiserman Perkins
26 in Series
Title: Twice Eggs, Author: Alexandra Johnson
29 in Series
Title: Heading for a Total Eclipse, Author: John Philip Drury
Title: Ploughshares Spring 2007 Guest-Edited by Edward Hirsch, Author: Edward Hirsch
Title: Ploughshares Winter 2007-2008 Guest-Edited by Philip Levine, Author: Philip Levine
Title: Ploughshares Spring 2013 Guest-Edited by Major Jackson, Author: Major Jackson
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1987 Guest-Edited by DeWitt Henry, Author: Dewitt Henry
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2000 Guest-Edited by Gish Jen, Author: Gish Jen
2623 in Series
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2008, Author: James Alan McPherson
Title: Canebrake with Spotted Adder, Author: Praveen Krishna
Title: Emmanuel, Author: Holiday Reinhorn
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Title: Ruin Value, Author: Melissa Oliveira
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Title: You Just Make Me So Happy, Author: Vincent Yu
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