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Title: The Regimental History, Author: Andrea Barrett
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2007 Guest-Edited by Andrea Barrett, Author: Andrea Barrett
Title: Positive Comments, Author: Owen King
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1993 Guest-Edited by Sue Miller, Author: Sue Miller
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2004 Guest-Edited by Amy Bloom, Author: Amy Bloom
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1990 Guest-Edited by Rita Dove and Fred Viebahn, Author: Rita Dove
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1979 Guest-Edited by James Randall, Author: James Randall
Title: Bones, Author: Lisa Horiuchi
Title: Old School, Author: Allen Gee
Title: Phoenix (Ploughshares Solos), Author: Megan Mayhew Bergman
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1980 Guest-Edited by Seamus Heaney, Author: Seamus Heaney
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2020, Author: Ladette Randolph
Title: Ploughshares Summer 2022 Guest-edited by Jamel Brinkley, Author: Jamel Brinkley
Title: Ploughshares Summer 1980 Guest-Edited by Gail Mazur, Author: Gail Mazur
Title: Urchin, Author: Lisa Heiserman Perkins
#26 in Series
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1991 Guest-Edited by DeWitt Henry and Joyce Peseroff, Author: Dewitt Henry
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1996 Guest-Edited by Marilyn Hacker, Author: Marilyn Hacker
Title: Ploughshares Winter 1998-99, Author: Thomas Lux
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Title: Ploughshares Spring 1977 Guest-Edited by Jane Shore, Author: Jane Shore
Title: Ploughshares Summer 1979 Guest-Edited by Lloyd Schwartz, Author: Lloyd Schwartz

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