Title: Ploughshares Fall 2003 Guest-Edited by Alice Hoffman, Author: Alice Hoffman
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1984 Guest-Edited by Anne Bernays and Justin Kaplan, Author: Anne Bernays
Title: Ploughshares Winter 1999-2000 Guest-Edited by Madison Smartt Bell and Elizabeth Spires, Author: Madison Smartt Bell
Title: Positive Comments, Author: Owen King
Title: Ploughshares Winter 1988 Guest-Edited by Philip Levine, Author: Philip Levine
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1994 Guest-Edited by James Welch, Author: James Welch
Title: Ploughshares Fall 2008, Author: James Alan McPherson
Title: Old School, Author: Allen Gee
Title: Ploughshares Spring 1981 Guest-Edited by James Randall, Author: James Randall
Title: Ploughshares Spring 2001 Guest-Edited by Heather McHugh, Author: Heather Mchugh
Title: Ploughshares Winter 1980-81 Guest-Edited by Lorrie Goldensohn and Jayne Anne Phillips, Author: Lorrie Goldensohn
Title: Daydream Nation (Ploughshares Solos), Author: John Duncan Talbird
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1997 Guest-Edited by Mary Gordon, Author: Mary Gordon
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Title: Ploughshares Spring 1992 Guest-Edited by Alberto Rios, Author: Alberto Ríos
Title: The Twins, Author: Nicholas Delbanco
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Title: The Detroit Frankfurt School Discussion Group, Author: Douglas Trevor
Title: Ploughshares Winter 1979 Edited by DeWitt Henry, Author: DeWitt Henry
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1985: Special Fiction Issue, Author: James Alan McPherson
Title: Girl of Few Seasons, Author: Rachel Kondo
Title: Ploughshares Fall 1998 Guest-Edited by Lorrie Moore, Author: Lorrie Moore

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